Epaderm for the management of dry skin conditions

9 Feb, 2023 | News

Many people may have heard about Epaderm ointment, cream, the Tubifast bandages, Tubifast Garments and the gloves. Cream and ointment can often be bought from most pharmacies, but the bandages, garments and gloves can be difficult to source outside of the hospital/outpatients department.

Molnlyke has just created a dedicated site for Epaderm and Tubifast products where people can order cream samples (if their clinician does not have any to give them) and also full products.

As an opening offer, patients can get 10% discount off their orders and the site is not cluttered up with other products.

Website : https://epaderm.com.au/

To get discount enter this in the order box Moln_SarahJones10

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