About Us

Welcome to the Australian Dermatology Nurses’ Association

The Background of Our Organisation

Two nurses working in the field of dermatology established the beginning of the Australian Dermatology Nurses’ Association (ADNA).  They met at the Annual Convention of the American Dermatology Nurses’ Association. After observing how much the American nurses had achieved for nurses practicing in the arena of dermatology; on their return they were committed to developing a dermatology organisation for nurses in Australia. In 1990 the Dermatology Nurses’ Society of Australia (today known as the Australian Dermatology Nurses’ Association) was formed.

The aim of the ADNA is to promote the best standard of care for the dermatology patient.

Our goal is to promote the development and recognition of the nurses’ role in dermatology for the benefit of the patient and to promote the education and professional development of the dermatology nurse.

The ADNA has a national membership base drawn from across the public and private health sectors encompassing the fields of adult, paediatric, surgical and medical dermatology, specialty treatment modalities, research and cosmetic dermatology.

ADNA Policies