Committee Benefits and Expression of Interest Form

There are many benefits when being involved as a ADNA Executive Committee member. As a comittee member you have the opportunity to contribute not only to your profession, but to also provide value to ADNA members by achieving the ADNA goal – to promote the development and recognition of the nurses’ role in dermatology for the benefit of the patient and to promote the education and professional development of the dermatology nurse.

Being a Committee member is an excellent personal development activity. Yes, there is a time outlay but there is also a potential to learn.

Benefits of being an ADNA Executive Committee member are:

  • Exchange information and ideas with your colleagues;
  • Develop professional relationships through the networking oppotunities provided;
  • Plan and attend education days and the ADNA National Conference;
  • Learn more and develop your professional knowledge;
  • Achieve your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours – The time you spend on the committee and working for the committee can be counted towards your CPD.

To learn more about the ADNA Secretary Role watch a video here!

To learn more about the ADNA Newsletter Editor Role watch a video here!

The ADNA Committee consists of members with diverse skills and talents, producing a result superior to what an individual is capable of. Being a part of the ADNA committee will provide you with opportunities to develop your knowledge and skills in areas which you may not normally be exposed to. Thus, serving on the ADNA committee could be helpful in advancing your career as well as giving you a chance to have a significant impact on ADNA.

The ADNA committee meets four times a year.

It is important to note that you will not be paid for your time spent in attending ADNA meetings, events, etc but would be fully coverered for any expenses incurred from your own expense, such as travel costs. catering, etc.

All members of the Executive Committee are volunteers and have the responsibility to work cohesively to ensure smooth day to day running of ADNA as well as provide input to the advancement of ADNA.

You can view the current executive committee and find out more about their roles


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Members of the Executive Committee must be current financial nurse members of ADNA. Must have been members for twelve months.


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