Spot On Newsletter Autumn 2022

7 Apr, 2022 | News

The latest issue of Spot on is now available. An easy two page read with summary, commentary and thoughts on acne research from dermatologist, Dr JoAnn See.

Autumn Edition – Spot On – Highlights

  • How topical retinoid, trifarotene, could reverse acne pathogenesis
  • Using azelaic acid peel to inhibit sebum production in acne
  • Tea tree oil may boost the efficacy and safety of azelaic acid
  • First topical antiandrogen cream available in US
  • The role of lasers in treating acne scars
  • Topical clascoterone cream offers new treatment option – by Dr Lisa Byrom
  • More mental health support needed for children and teens
  • How topical retinoids can reduce pigmentation
  • Using herbal hydrogel to help accelerate wound healing
  • Red seaweed – a promising source of anti-acne compounds
  • Acne and rosacea in skin of colour
  • Sponsored content: Acne can be irritating, but treatment shouldn’t be. Acnatac® (clindamycin 1% and tretinoin 0.025%): effective acne treatment with a low potential for skin irritation

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