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ADNA Northern Teritory Education Day Learning Objectives

Objective 1

Understand various infectious diseases—scabies and neglected tropical infections, including the impacts of tropical environments, health and nutritional requirements and availability to aid healing. How might socioeconomic factors influence health seeking, treatment availability and outcomes, and what you can do to help patients.

Objective 2

Inflammatory diseases are more common than we think. Understand aetiology of psoriasis, eczema, hidradenitis suppurativa and even acne as inflammatory diseases, some treatment options—heliotherapy and mechanical phototherapy, topical steroids—when and where, and the immune response.

Objective 3

Autoimmunity in the elderly and blistering disease. Differentiate between blistering diseases—triaging them for Primary and Tertiary healthcare interventions.

Objective 4

Understand the impact of hidradenitis suppurative—what it is, who is affected and need for surgical intervention; deroofing and repair with plastics and dermatological interventions for the Northern Territory. What are ways are these skills implemented in the Top End?

Objective 5

Wounds, healing and the meaning of health and skin from Western and Indigenous perspectives. Return to your practice with holistic approaches to skin; better equipped, evidence informed.