10 Apr, 2024 | News

You are invited to support the nurses, midwives students and carers of Australia in decreasing serious mental health conditions such as PTSD and death by suicide due to widespread systemic bullying and toxic environments in health care facilities nationwide. Nurses and Midwives Against Bullying Australia (NAMABA) has almost 3000 members who are keen for you to support us on our day of action on May 19, which as you know is part of the month to celebrate nurses and midwives. The day is called “Day of Action Against Bullying in Nursing and Midwifery.”

Our theme for 2024 is “Hear our Voices”. Nurses and midwives rarely feel that their voices are heard, especially when it comes to bullying. They also feel they can’t stand up and speak out due to the very real risk of retribution. We are asking you as a professional body or union for nurses and/or midwives to stand with us to have our voices heard.

We would appreciate you committing to this cause via return email, advertising our event as soon as possible on social media and any other platforms you use, agreeing to show the NAMABA logo and advising nurses and midwives of our support, encouraging wearing of a cobalt blue ribbon on the day, promoting speaking up against bullying supporting others they see being bullied, and not becoming part of a “mob”. You can also assist by making suggestions for events such as morning tea, purchase of our scrubs, day in the park, lunch, meeting for a walk or swim etc.

NAMABA will advise members which unions and professional bodies support them. Many have lost faith in their unions and professional bodies, especially regarding bullying. We are keen to help restore faith and to promote action. We do a lot of support work for those affected by bullying and provide education as well as have open discussions with any organisation ready to listen and help. All of our time is voluntary and we do not make any financial or other gain. We are not affiliated with any professional body, union or political party. We are simply a group of nurses, midwives, students and carers supporting each other.

There are some memes provided in this email that you can use on social media to show your support. Some statistics are also provided. Please bear in mind that these statistics are most likely much higher now as anecdotally bullying and its serious effects are much higher now too.

Mental illness in Nurses and Midwives compared to the general population:

•           Depression 30-40% compared with 4%
•           Anxiety 40% compared with 14%
•           PTSD – up to 30% higher
•           Suicide 4 times higher

Female medical professionals: 128% more likely to suicide than females in other occupations.

Female nurses and midwives: 192% more likely to suicide than females in other occupations.

Male nurses and midwives: 52% more likely to suicide than males in other occupations.

Male nurses and midwives: 196% more likely to suicide than their female colleagues.


“Suicide by Health Professionals, A Retrospective Mortality Study in Australia from 2001 to 2012”

Dr Allison Milner
Deakin University

Thank you for taking the time to consider this email and we look forward to working with you to address bullying, making it known how bad it is and its effects on us and supporting nurses, midwives, students and carers.

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