DEBRA Australia Health Professionals Symposium 2023

26 Apr, 2023 | News

DEBRA Australia is proud to be hosting the this event which will showcase a variety of keynote speakers from various fields relating to Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB).

  • Lunch and afternoon tea will be provided
  • There will be trade displays present with new and updated products relevant to EB care

The health and safety of all guests attending this event including exhibitors is of utmost importance. By registering to attend you acknowledge that COVID rules and requirements may change at any time in accordance with the latest health advice from the Australian and NSW Government.  You also acknowledge that DEBRA Australia has taken all care and consideration to carry out a COVID Safe event. 

Guests Speakers include: 

  • A/Prof Irene Lara-Corrales – CGP for diagnosis and management of Anaemia in EB
  • Professor Dedee Murrell – Clinical update on Topical Therapies in EB
  • Sharon Cassidy (EB CNC NZ) – Management of infection in EB
  • A/Prof Jonathon Arnold – Pain management in EB
  • Prof Johannes Kern – Update on the Oleogel EASE trials
  • Dr Chris Turner – Role of granzymes in Itch and EB
  • Andrew Gorrie (Senior Physiotherapist) – Gross motor development in children with EB
  • Dr Albert Mellick – Novel markers of skin cancer in RDEB
  • Dr Nicholas Veldhuis – Characterising pain pathways in new mouse model of DEB
  • Dr Zlatko Kopecki – Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy for EB
  • Dr Susan Robertson – Squamous Cell Carcinoma in EB
  • Lauren Weston (EB CNC) – Multidisciplinary care of EB patients
  • Rebecca Saad (EB CNC) – National EB Dressing Scheme Update
  • Mental Health and Resilience for Health Professionals working with EB

Continuing Professional Development 5.5 hours (certificates will be emailed post the event)

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