Call for abstracts

16 Sep, 2022 | News

Nurses meeting at World Congress of Dermatology 2023

Call for abstracts

Date of Meeting:  3 July 2023

Location:  Singapore

Focus of Meeting:  Innovations in care for hard to reach populations

At WCD 2023 the British Dermatological Nursing Group will be coordinating a day long meeting that focuses on innovations in care for hard to reach populations.
This call for abstracts is inviting submissions that detail instances where nurses have developed innovative practice to reach individuals or groups where care delivery is particularly challenging. “Hard to reach” may relate to a patient group that traditionally struggles to access mainstream services, or it could relate to patients with complex needs that require a multiprofessional approach or care through a number of inter-related pathways. The innovation should reflect a unique or new approach to these groups with a clear demonstration of the impact and consequent improved on patient outcomes.

Abstracts should be no more than 300 words in length and should include the following:


  • Identification of the hard to reach population and why they need a different approach to care
  • Detail of the innovation that has changed the ability to deliver care to that population
  • Description of the impact that has improved outcomes for patients
  • Next steps (where relevant)

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