Australia’s overweight and obesity program underlined and reordered

26 Aug, 2021 | News

Education poster and study by Vivienne Speirs 

The aim of this poster is to show those already overweight and obese some risk factors, causes and interventions to reverse their current health situation. It explains the risks of chronic disease and its causes. Information is power for self-management. It shows positive and simple steps to change direction with outcomes to expect—reduced waistline and weight with GP assistance. I did not want to overwhelm people, nor make them feel guilty. I am aiming to make a positive influential impact and to reach people who would like to change. It will require some self-determination, but the goals are simple. 

I believe the call to action required to motivate overweight and obese people is found in the title and information in the left column. It is direct yet simple. Causes and risk factors are on the right, using a darker green.


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