This award was established in 2012 to recognise one of the founding members of ADNA who died tragically in a house fire. Bernadette Meyer was ADNA Secretary on the first ADNA Executive Committee in 1990.

This award is to assist a compassionate dermatology nurse who contributes to care and support of the dermatology patient, to be able to attend the ADNA National Conference.

Permission must be obtained from the applicant prior to nomination.

-The applicant must be an active financial ADNA member. Nominations can be made by the applicants or working colleagues with evidence of the nurses commitment and care to the dermatology patient.

– Applicants cannot be a serving member of the ADNA Executive Committee.

A written reflection of your application of a best-practice guideline (ACD [Dermcoll], BDNG, Cochrane, DermNet NZ, JBI, Wounds Australia or published poster on the ADNA website) on your patient, documenting chronological assessments to show improvement or maintenance of their skin and / or psychosocial well-being.

This will be published on the ADNA website. This award is for $750.

Must apply by the 15th April 2024

Note: The award is intended for travel assistance for further education. It will be awarded on receipt of course fee invoice, event registration or travel costs.