This award was established in 2012 to recognise one of the nurses who started ADNA in 1990, Anne Schott who was the first ADNA President.

This award is to recognise the ongoing commitment, dedication and contribution of patient care to the dermatology patient by a professional and dedicated dermatology nurse. This award is to assist in further education by attending the National Conference or an interstate Education Day.

-The applicant must be an active financial ADNA member.

-Nominations can be made by the applicants or working colleagues with evidence of the nurses commitment and care to the dermatology patient.

 Please obtain permission from the individual ADNA member, prior to nomination

– Applicants cannot be a serving member of the ADNA Executive Committee.

Recipient of this award is to provide a written reflection of skills in holistic assessment of your patient and their biopsychosocial needs through patient education, collaborating with their family and doctors, actively listening to what they see as their perceived needs and finding ways to implement best practice with what suits at home, thus showing improvement or maintenance of their skin and / or psychosocial well-being.

This reflection article is to be completed within 3 months. This will be published in the ADNA newsletter and website. This award is for $1000.

Must apply by the 15th April 2024

Note: The award is intended for travel assistance for further education. It will be awarded on receipt of course fee invoice, event registration or travel costs.