2023 ADNA Annual General Meeting Minutes

  1. Meeting opened 15:40 hours 27th May 2023, held at the Sydney (ICC) International Convention Centre, Australia 
  2. Apologies or proxies: None received.
  3. Present:  Karen Dazkiw (President & Interim Treasurer), Vivienne Speirs (Secretary), Chris Bartlett, Karen Bradshaw, Jenny Brammall, Narelle Briggs, Odette Buelens, Eleanor Ciesielski, Penelope Harrison, Virginia Hartridge, Neta-Maree Holmes, Caroline White, Anna Jatko, Anna Khenkin, Nicole Moss, Louise Palmer, Marie Pavlovic, Charmaine Peras, Jayne Pirola, Lesley Rhodes, Lisa Ross, Helen Rothenbuhler, Anne-Marie Shearer, Sumanpreet Kaur Sidu, Kerrie Smoker, Anne Sunderland, Loretta Stapleton, Deryn Thompson, Pamela Viret, Shiree Walker, Leonie Walter, Chelle Enriquez, Jemma Weidinger, Denise Wilson, Glenda Savoulian.
  4. Confirmation of the 20th Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes held at the Adelaide Conference Centre, Adelaide SA 5000. – Approved: Charmaine Peras, Seconded: Virginia Hartridge
  5. Receive the reports of the Executive Committee 2022-2023
    1. Karen Dazkiw (President)— Approved: Deryn Thompson; Seconded: Helen Rothenbuhler
    2. Vivienne Speirs (Secretary)—Approved: Glenda Savoulian; Seconded: Loretta Stapleton
    3. Karen Dazkiw (Interim Treasurer)—Approved: Narelle Briggs; Seconded: Marie Pavlovic
  6. Election of Office Bearers: all Executive roles vacant.
    1. Vivienne Speirs was nominated by two members for President.
      Karen Dazkiw, the current President of 6 years’ service resigned. Voted and passed.
    2. Glenda Savoulian self-nominated off the floor for Secretary – to replace Vivienne Speirs, voted and passed. Accepted by Lesley Rhodes, seconded by Jemma Weidinger.
    3. Shiree Walker self-nominated off the floor for Treasurer, however, withdrew her nomination after Vivienne Speirs nominated Chelle Enriquez for Treasurer who accepted the nomination to replace Karen Dazkiw (Interim Treasurer). Voted and passed.
    4. No nominations for State Education Reps in NSW, WA, or QLD. NSW was vacated by Chelle Enriquez as she accepted the role of Treasurer.
      WA & QLD will remain vacant.
    5.  Sue Thornton will remain and finish her term this year as the Vic State Rep.
    6. Penny Harrison continues as SA State Rep this year and is supported by Lisa Ross.

Deryn Thompson acknowledged Karen Dazkiw’s contribution and dedication to the ADNA organisation.  Deryn thanked Karen on behalf of members for her years of service.

  1. ADNA Constitution
    Quotes for rewriting and updating the ADNA Constitution are under review by the committee who will decide the successful firm whose quote is accepted. The quotes are from firms who specialise in constitutions. The exercise is costly and was voted upon unanimously by the members to support this action.
  1. Membership Fees:

Members were reminded that annual registration fees were waived during Covid and have remained at $120 for many years, hence an increase in the amount was well overdue. KD suggested an increase of $30 to $150, as the development of education is quite costly, and funds will deplete quickly without adequate available funds. Members were advised that in 2013 ADNA’s funds were minimal, and growth halted, therefore in no condition to support their members. ADNA is now in a comfortable position to offer a well-developed platform for education and training, due to a good banking system and correct processes.

The decision was voted upon to increase the membership fee to $150 and approved.  Accepted: Caroline White, Seconded: Neta-Maree Holmes.  
The fees are set at $150 for renewal period 1st April 2024.

The benefits for ADNA Executives now included complimentary membership and also conference and State Education Day registrations and an annual allowance set by the committee.
ADNA State Representatives receive complimentary registration for their State Education Day and 25% off Annual Conference registrations.

  1. Annual Conference and State Education Days:

Next year’s conference will be held in Perth in May 2024 in association with ACD (usually the weekend after Mother’s Day each year)
ADNA State Education Days will be planned and advertised accordingly by Administration.
SA has been booked for October 2023.

  1. Discussion Forum: Abstracts and Research Papers.

Awards were presented to recipients.

  1. Meeting closed at 16:11 hours on 27th May 2023.

Next AGM is set for the 22nd ADNA National Conference. Next AGM in Perth. Date TBC.