Wound Care Webinar: Sep 27 8pm

15 Sep, 2023 | News

27 September @ 8:00 pm AEST


In the spirit of collaboration and support, we would like to invite the ADNA community to join a webinar we are sponsoring that is run by a Medical Supplies Company, Team Medical.


Many Dermatology practices across Australia buy medical supplies from this company and their infrastructure lends itself well to running free webinars on a regular basis.


The Speaker is a prominent US Podiatry Surgeon, Dr Matthew Regulski focusing on wound management.


Feel free to extend the invitation to your ADNA nurse contacts if appropriate.


Once again, here’s the registration page for the webinar: https://events.teams.microsoft.com/event/70d2a237-43ce-474f-99eb-d6cb716727c4@fd0fd15a-20ed-4255-a1cf-b851c20611e6


The webinar will cover.

Best Practice protocols to Prepare to Repair – Acute Wounds to Non-Healing including burns, surgical, patients with immunocompromised risk factors, elderly (tears), diabetes/foot ulcers.

  1. Risk of infection in wounds   
  2. Role of biofilm in wound healing stalling – what it is, how they form are hard to treat
  3. AMR pathways of Biofilm and bacteria
  4. Case studies

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